about us

Studio193 Photography is a new, fresh and inspired option for children's photography in Knoxville, Nashville and Atlanta. Our goal is to provide parents with unique, contemporary photography of their children, as well as a boutique experience.

As a partnership between a photographer (Bill Anderson) and graphic designer (Dedra Jenkins), we approach each portrait commission with a fresh perspective. Our work is an evolution inspired by both vintage and modern aesthetics.

With a light-hearted approach, we give children room to be expressive. Our portraiture is not reliant on props or backdrops, and we do not pose. Instead, we rely on our ability to empathize with our young subjects. While our technical proficiency and flexiblity contribute to the beauty of our final images, it is our patience and willingness to relate to the world of a child that conveys the personalities of those we photograph.

We work exclusively on location, since we believe It important to photograph children in an environment where they can be themselves and feel comfortable. We will gladly photograph at the location of your choice, though we typically find the homes of our clients to be the most conducive to a childs comfort.


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